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Strategies for Optimizing Android Apps Performance

Triangle of Sadness Cast

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The cast of the movie Triangle of Sadness brings together some of the biggest global stars. From A-list Hollywood actors to Swedish film stars, this is a movie full of incredible talent and charisma. Let’s jump into the Triangle of Sadness cast and crew and have a look.

Cast for the Triangle of Sadness

At the helm is Charlbi Dean Kriek as Yaya, a young woman on a mission to unravel the truth about her family’s past. Harris Dickinson plays Carl, Yaya’s friend and confidant who helps her in her adventures. Dolly De Leon stars as Abigail, Yaya’s grandmother who holds the key to unlocking the truth. Woody Harrelson takes on one of his darkest roles yet as Captain, a gruff but kind-hearted man harbouring a dark secret. Zlatko Burić stars as Dimitry, an enigmatic yet strangely likeable character whose presence adds an extra layer to the story. Carolina Gynning plays Ludmilla, Captain’s long-suffering daughter and Vicki Berlin takes on the role of Chief Stew Paula, Yaya’s biggest supporter throughout her journey. Lastly, Alicia Eriksson plays Alicia and adds another dimension to this thrilling cast lineup.

Is The Triangle of Sadness Worth Watching?

If you’re looking for a comedic romp, Triangle of Sadness is a perfect choice. Ultimately, Triangle of Sadness doesn’t leave audiences with much to unpack thematically, but it’s clear-eyed and hilarious about the systems that might happen if they were ever to unravel. The film takes full advantage of its ensemble Triangle of Sadness cast list, each playing off the other as they navigate their way through various obstacles and pranks in pursuit of their own individual dreams.

Is the Triangle of Sadness Streaming Anywhere?

Yes! If you’re looking to stream The Triangle of Sadness, you have plenty of options. Whether you’re using your Roku device to watch it on Apple TV, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu or Redbox, you can easily access the Gomovies App  in just a few steps.

You can watch m4uFree to your screen with these simple steps:

  • Open the app store on either your Roku device or your smart device (like an iPhone or iPad).
  • Search for one of the streaming services mentioned above that are offering The Triangle of Sadness (Hulu, Prime Video, Vudu, Redbox or Apple TV).
  • After downloading and opening the application on your smartphone or Roku Device you can easily search for The Triangle of Sadness and begin streaming it in minutes.

You’ll be watching the movie before you know it!


All thanks to the Triangle of Sadness cast and crew for their incredible hard work and best performances the movie is very worth watching at the time. From a comedic standpoint alone, Triangle of Sadness is worth watching – it offers plenty of laughs despite its minimalistic plot – but its true strength lies in the way it subtly sends up systems of power and privilege. With lighthearted jabs at life’s absurdities, it’s sure to leave viewers both amused and empowered.

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