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Top Summer Clothing Trends for Women 

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Women in Pakistan love to fill their wardrobes with light fabric and bright colors in the summer season. With so many options of fabrics, styles, and cuts available in the market, it becomes difficult to decide what outfits to buy.  

The rise of ready-to-wear clothing has made summer shopping much easier. Whether you are looking for casual wear, festive wear, or party wear dresses, you will find innumerable options at stores like Maria B, Khaadi, Sapphire, and many others. 

Summer Trends for Pakistani Women 

Traditional Pakistani outfits are a beautiful combination of colors, prints, cuts, and designs. However, with social media on the rise, most women want to follow the latest fashion trends in clothing.  

Below are some summer trends to look out for: 

Lawn Fabric 

The lawn fabric never goes out of fashion in the summer season. It is the ultimate requirement for every Pakistani woman in extreme heat. With top brands like Maria B, Sana Safinaz, Elan, Zaha, and Zara Shah Jahan, stepping into the lawn market, the options are countless. Designers are integrating their design philosophy into their lawn collections to make them appealing to their target market.  

As designers are coming up with their lawn collections, it is shifting the trend from simpler prints and softer hues to bolder prints with distinctive color schemes. Choose a few simple lawn outfits to wear casually and a few with embroidery and lace detailing to wear to parties.   

Go For Brighter Hues 

Lighter colors have always been the popular choice during the summer season; however, the trend appears to be changing. It is time to go for statement colors to show off your personality and style. Pastels are staples, but it is time to move on and fill your wardrobe with bright colors to stand out from the crowd.  

Mix and Match Outfits 

The ‘matching’ trend is now long gone. It is not important to wear a matching shirt with matching trousers and matching shoes anymore. It is time to embrace different patterns and colors in one outfit. If you are someone who likes to make bold choices, try pairing your blue kameez with green pants. Alternatively, try a statement orange dupatta with an all-black shalwar kameez.  

Try Matching Separates 

The trend of matching separates has been there for some time now. There is no need to wear your favorite cheetah print shirt with a plain shalwar or trousers anymore. You can go for matching trousers to elevate your look.  

If you are not into prints, you can wear matching separates in solid colors too. They give a very classy vibe. You can easily dress them up or down. During the day, you can use minimal accessories and flats to look effortlessly chic. At night, you can wear statement accessories and heels to add that extra touch of sophistication to your look.  

Choose an All-White Attire 

White has always been a fashion essential for Pakistani women. Every woman owns at least one white outfit. It looks classy and is perfect for the summer clothing season. If you think white is a boring color, you better think twice. You can do so much to make a simple white outfit fun. You can add a colorful dupatta to add a pop of color, pair the shirt with lacy trousers, choose subtle embossed fabric, and so much more.  

Make Longer Shirts 

This summer, give long, flowy shirts a chance. Not only do they give a slimming effect, but they also look very elegant. Pair them with a bottom of your choice. Shalwar, straight trousers, culottes, and capris, all look good with long shirts.  

Embrace Chikenkari 

Who does not love a chikenkari outfit? All brands are using this fabric in their latest summer collections. It comes in so many designs and colors. The fabric itself is breathable with small holes. You can wear it as a casual outfit or add some embroidery and lace to wear it to special occasions. You can pair white chikenkari trousers with any kurta to make your understated outfit stand out.  

Add a Vibrant Scarf 

Adding a vibrant scarf to your outfit at once lifts the entire look. You can wear it in so many ways. You can tie it fashionably around your neck, wear it as a hairband, or even tie it to your handbag to add some color and pattern to your outfit.  

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