Simple Steps To Create A Good Content For Social Media

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Before we look into the steps, the question that rises is what makes content good or bad. Good content will be authentic, well-researched, unique, and grammatically correct. You see multiple websites that have articles, posts, and information on thousands of topics. Each one will have its creativity shown through words but, some websites have similarities in the content and post similar articles. Readers, however, get bored when they find similar information and nothing unique. Another thing that makes content boring and bad is plagiarized sources.

Just like a perfectly balanced meal with proper ingredients and flavors, the content has to be perfectly organized too, keeping all the steps of writing in mind.

Let’s consider some factors that a good content writer keeps in mind:

Start With Research

A well-researched content is considered to rank more and influence the readers through the information it will have in it. Before you start writing go through different platforms and know your audience so that you know whom are you writing for. It will help you get to reach and traffic through different sources since you are targeting a huge audience through research.

Choose An Eye-catching Heading

 After doing research look for trends that are globally followed by people. Phrases that give instructions like How To or Why Should You? are most likely to captivate the readers even if they are not reading the whole text the heading itself will catch their attention. People love to read stuff that is educating them or giving them suggestions. For instance, if you are writing for an artist, what will be the first thing an artist like him will look for? Many famous artists have their articles published on Wikipedia. This not only makes their work noticeable but also brings traffic to their page. Similarly, as is the case with the headings, try to start writing about How Do I Create A Wikipedia Page For Myself. That will surely attract the artists to read what you have written about creating pages and profiles on Wikipedia.

Mind Mapping And Brainstorming

You just don’t start writing anything for someone. Focus on who is the reader and which platform you are writing for. Brainstorm your ideas, pen them down, and find more creative ways to further elaborate the topic, if you are writing for a styling video look into the steps that involve styling and how can you make it creative for the person itself who is about to follow the content you write for them.  Make a mind map after thoroughly reading your client’s demand, you don’t want to hurt their sentiments, right? So, to get yourself safe from the embarrassment copy down the demands and requirements, and how can you forward content that will bring them, followers, social media is all about the number of followers a person has.

Add Authentic Sources And References

Clients want authentic sources to rely on for their brand and project, If your content cannot provide that why would they consider hiring you again? Simply put, authentic sources increase the credibility of the content. Readers will follow the references you will mention in your content so if that isn’t reliable then the whole concept of authenticity is put down the drain. Support your arguments with original sources it will help you get featured on famous websites and bring more reach to the platform you have posted on.


A final thought on the above-mentioned steps is that nothing can be written perfectly without any practice and making errors, practice makes a man perfect, and being consistent with what you write and having faith in what you have written will bring out the best in you.


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