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Should I Sell My Old Phone or Keep It?

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When you have been using a certain mobile phone for long years, then you always question whether you have to keep or give it away. However, the answer might be in front of your volume and Barbeque ignoring it. There are many factors that you need to consider before you decide to sell your old phone. Viren decides to buy a new phone already.

You should also think about what can be done with your old device. You can sell a phone easily and for some amount against it. However, if you do not sell the old phone to buy another new phone, it can be yeah waste of the other device. 

How will you know that it is the right time to sell old mobile? 

You must pay attention to the basic features that are creating obstacles in your day-to-day functioning of the mobile phone. 

1. The functioning Speed 

This is one of the most reasons that you might want to sell a used phone as this is frustrating. The speed of your mobile phone is necessary as we use it on day to day basis. Whether it is a work-related query or a personal issue we always reach out to a phone. Around say cases where a mobile phone doesn’t function whether normal speed we might get frustrated. A lot of lagging and unresponsive screens can be an issue. However, you must keep on checking the functioning speed of your phone and if it is not responding well even after a few repair services, it is time to sell your old phone online. 

2. Signs of any physical damage 

Physical damages can be considered anything like scratches or cracks on the display or the body of the phone. You might want to sell your old mobile because of these reasons as well. Some of the damages which year cost you a lot more than the usual price of the phone may cross else to be repaired. However, if any little signs of scratches or dents are there you can always repair it for a nominal cost. Using physical damage such as a broken screen or other parts of the phone can be an issue as you need a proper mobile repair service to fix it. 

3. Unrepairable damages 

There can also be unrepairable damages on the internal as well as external factors of the mobile phone. Such damages could be long-lasting even for the lifetime while using your phone. This will be creating a lot of problems and you will just chill out I sell my old phone instead of the keyboard using it in the condition it is. However, it is very easy to notice that there are not a lot of non-repairable damages. Most of the damages can be fixed by repair service centres. If you have tried repairing a mobile phone from various sources and still cannot be fixed that you need to. Do you want to a new phone already 

4. Age of the phone 

It is a basic factor that is considered not only in electronic devices but in humans as well. The age of any device is really what matters. If you have been using a device for a few months, there might be no issues or just little issues coming up. However, if you have been using the phone for years and years. It might be the time to think about it. Any electronic device, whether it is a smartphone or something other kind it depreciates over time. That is the only reason why there are new versions or advanced features, launched and new devices within a few months or years. there is always a better version or improved version available in the market of any smartphone or even other electronic gadgets. 

5. Repair cost 

Comparing the repair cost at various places or the price of the mobile phone is necessary. Spending a little money on the repair is only wanted if the issue is going to be fixed. However, if you notice that the repair cost is much higher than the original cost of the phone or somewhere around it, it is of completely no use. If you could be using the money that you put in to repair for a while, another device which will have a broad quality, features and new issues that you have been facing with your old phone. 

Sell old mobile online 

If you have decided that you want to sell your old phone and invest in another one, you can simply do it through online sources. Online sources will offer you a good amount of money that offline sources won’t have. Especially, websites, such as quick mobile will be providing you with the best deal for your old phones.

You can sell all phones with Quick mobile as experts on the website will advise the condition of your smartphone and provide you with the best price available depending on the market value of the device. The website also deals in android as well as iOS mobile phones. That is another reason you won’t have to worry about the brand or the model of your phone. 

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