Private Detective in Pakistan

Private Detective in Pakistan

11 minutes, 8 seconds Read is Pakistan’s most trusted and authorized private detective agency, delivering its best in different fields of investigation. Our highly Proficient and experienced professionals believe in client satisfaction. The intelligence services and analytical reports are provided with complete confidentiality. Our experts personalized the provision of investigation on the requirements of the help seeker. FactFinders agency is licensed for the legitimacy of reliability and competence. We have one-to-one sessions with worried clients to smooth them with lawful guidance and services. The experts of FactFinders are deliberately offering their services in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. We also have a head office in the UK for abroad resident Pakistanis.  The investigators are skilled in handling personal-to-business concerns honestly, quickly, and at controlled budgets. To assist law enforcement agencies, we have knowledgeable and experienced onboard detectors. FactFinders offers best private detective in Pakistan, our services are available to local as well as international clients.

Best Private Detective Agency in Pakistan

We are the best private detective service provider committed to helping people in their hour of need. The state-authorized amenity to settle various and complicated criminal or civilian mishaps. The dedicated staff facilitates the customers in pursuing court cases. They range from legal document preparation to factual evidence collection. The fee structure for each service is relocated according to the needs and demands of the expertise and technical support. Our conversations and outcomes of your issues are kept in complete secrecy protection. To hire FactFinders expert services, contact 03216345555 or click at

Offered Detective/ Investigation Services

We offer all kinds of private investigative services to resolve your legal to civil concerns at well-suited finance and shortest span. FactFinders have best private detective in Lahore, and largest network in Pakistan.

Child Locate InvestigationCold Cases
Identity VerificationVerification for Embassies
Adultery of infidelity InvestigationsDivorce Investigation
Real Estate Fraud InvestigationsProperty Identification
Cheating Wife or HusbandIntellectual Property and Copyright Infringement
Security ConsultationConsultancy on Security Affairs, Personal, and Installation
The Other WomenLand Ownership and Title Investigation
Tenant ScreeningActivity Check
The Other ManPre-Employment Screening
Background InvestigationRecovery of Vehicles for Banks
Recovery of MoneyPrivate Detective Agents

Child Locate Investigation

Missing children has always been a frequent and challenging task for any private detective agency as this is the most emotionally dispatched and sensitive issue. FactFinders assists police or law enforcement agencies in child kidnappings, lost by mistake, or intentional run away for any silly reason.

Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies have specialized task forces with years of expertise and innovative technologies to make lost child recovery quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, in some cases, the mysteries overlap, and facts are missing, which leads to delays. Under such circumstances, police officials hire competent spy agents to resolve the tangles to make the process smooth and timely.

Some Factual Guidance

There are some immediate steps or factual information helpful in settling the child lost investigation. The victim should follow these instructions to make the process more effective.

  • Don’t delay reporting the concerned authorities when you suspect them missing or kidnapped.
  • Along with lawful agencies, hire a private detective service to invest extra resources.
  • family members or known persons are more often involved in such cases than strangers.
  • Most missing incidents are runaways as a result of domestic violence.
  • The separated parent abducts the child and shows it as lost.
  • Female children are more prone due to increased human trafficking crime.
  • Authorities can locate cross-border smuggling of children.
  • Most of the cases were resolved at initial stages.

FactFinders Technical Assistance

Hiring our dedicated and experienced professionals doubles the speed and chance of resolving the mystery. The experts gathered the basic information from the parents, including appearance, dress, age, predicted location, last phone call, or any dispute among them. They collect the databases to get the in-depth details of that child. The nearby CCTV footages are most helpful. The local hospitals are screened. After collecting the valuable evidence, we deliver them effectively to the police and lead parents.

Identity Verification

The identity of the person or organization is screened and cross-checked to find its authenticity. The provided credentials are compared with the details recorded in the concerned administrative departments. The projected deliverable from this investigation is to ensure that a person is the same as he claimed to be. FactFinders will support you if you don’t know the targeted person or agency in detail. We work on the task if you have a picture of that person. The experts vigilantly complete the investigation with valid results.

Desired Outcomes of Verifications

It is good to have faith in humanity, but to have blind trust will leave you divisive. So, before taking any heavy investment or destiny-defining task, hire us to make the facts and figures. We live in a digitalized world with facilitation and some smart ways of crime.

  • If you are offered a work visa from a company abroad, check its credibility.
  • Before opening a bank account.
  • Hiring for administrative posts.
  • Buy or sell any property that needs documentation verification.
  • To get any secrecy departments licensing or certifications.

In such conditions where your decision is quite responsible for the future. Hiring skilled and well-trained spy services to verify your behalf is better. They are allowed to access any private or government body databases and programs. Get accurate and authentic information for fraud prevention, age verification, asset details, family information, criminal records, or previous business project details.

Methodologies We Adopt

We are highly qualified with relevant work experience to conduct identity verifications adopting standard approved protocols successfully. First, the targeted person is interviewed to check his responses and declare results with observations. The online database programs are effectively utilized. The National Identity Card and Passport of that person should be screened. Nowadays, biometric NICs are available to make the process more reliable and trustworthy.

The common strategy is an inspection or the physical examination of the person or system to verify five basic senses to help in background checks. The Demonstration reasoning is based on the actual working condition with the purposed outcomes to make the final remarks. After gathering open-ended results, the experts must work on the analytical judgment of the actual situations.

Conclusive Remarks

Suppose you have any personal worries to discuss with knowledgeable authorities or take business deals requiring professional assistance. FactFinders thriving services will fill all those gaps in legal rights awareness and analytical reasoning to proceed. The facility is equipped with updated tools and techniques. The experts are capable and skilled in dealing with tricky situations of complicated cases. They can effectively carry out surveillance and uncover hidden truths.  The most exciting feature of our consultancy is to deliver edge-cutting services at reasonable charges. For more such interesting articles keep visiting Nexon, which several fresh news updates each day.

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