PopStroke and casual dining

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The Golf PopStroke and casual dining concept started to come to life in August with a groundbreaking ceremony.

Project: PopStroke

Location: Sarasota

Size: 10,934-square-feet, two stories

Builder: Stevens Construction

Architect: MHK Architecture and Planning  

Project detail:

Taking a break on the golf PopStroke course is fun too. But nothing beats playing putt-putt with relatives.

This is an imaginative and forward-thinking Fort Myers, largely based on Stevens His Construction and His MHK Architecture and Planning, featuring development by PopStroke.

Golf and Casual Dining Ideas is co-owned and designed with the help of Tiger Woods and his TGR his design team. The track layout offers choices for different skill levels through an interactive and aggressive experience. Moreover, each route is different depending on the location.


The rendering suggests a layout plan for the Sarasota PopStroke area.
Stevens’ newest PopStroke structure in charge is his 10,934 sq.m. Two-story building on the east side of the University Town Center Mall in northern Sarasota, off Lakewood Ranch and west of Interstate 75 Ft building. The building works. There is an open-air restaurant as well as a covered gastronomic area and bar. Company representatives declined to disclose the cost of the contract.

Upon completion, visitors will experience a foyer with a sheltered playground, beer meadow and retail space. The technology-infused golf and entertainment concept is expected to be completed in early 2022.

This is his second project that PopStroke Stevens Construction has worked on in conjunction with his TGR team. Sean St.  Dennis, divisional manager of Stevens Construction’s Sarasota office, says the group completed its PopStroke in Fort Myers last September. Plans are already underway for the employer to establish additional locations, including Tampa, Orlando and Gainesville.

Coolness Factor: 

Families needn’t fear the lack of laughter with kid-friendly pop strokes. “New ideas can get along with the whole circle of relatives,” says St. Dennis. (PopStroke is also known by the golf icon’s nickname he gave to his father, Earl “Pops” Woods.)

But it’s St.; his two 18-holes on synthetic greens aren’t just his releases. . Or enjoy craft beer, wine, cocktails, ice cream, outdoor games, and more. These components are obviously cool. In fact, St. Dennis is particularly excited to work with his TGR team. Based in
Jupiter, his
PopStroke is a partnership of PopStroke Entertainment Group, TGR, and his TGR Design. “This is a Herb extension of my golf his route his layout philosophy and his TGR design business,” Woods said in his October 2019 announcement introducing the project. “Our goal is to create publications that bring people together and make golfers of all skill levels and ages laugh.


Sean St. Dennis, divisional manager of Stevens Construction’s Sarasota office, said he was standing on the rubble of what would become the Sarasota pop-stroke he area.
‘S CHALLENGES: No wonder he one of the biggest challenges the order faced was supply shortages and fabric delays.

Due to the short delivery times, St. Dennis said the biggest mission for his PopStroke region in Sarasota was to reorganize plans for the affected substances. “We needed to give them the opportunity to think with the layout team to overcome the fabric supply shortage. January 1, 2022 – Determine if it was Super world. Stevens realistically expected production to hit in February or March while employers broke ground. With your help, we hope to get it done.

How many PopStroke locations are there?

The experience includes using Tiger Woods’ ball of choice – Bridgestone! Each guest keeps a PopStroke Bridgestone commemorative ball with their round of golf. PopStroke currently has four facilities in Orlando, Florida; Sarasota, Florida; Fort Myers, Florida; and Port St. Lucie, Florida.

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