laser hair removal Toronto
laser hair removal Toronto

Laser Hair Removal Myths That Most People Don’t Know About

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Laser hair removal is one of the most effective methods for getting rid of unwanted hair from different body parts. However, it doesn’t work the same way for everyone, which has led to various misconceptions among the global population. To help deal with this, we bring to you some common myths about laser hair removal Toronto.

Laser Hair Removal Isn’t Safe

There are certain side effects of laser hair removal like it can leave the treated areas red and one may also experience minor itching or irritation. However, most of these side effects are temporary and will go away soon. Before you visit for laser hair removal treatment. It is important to get yourself analyzed by a specialist who can help you understand the potential side effects. Talking about safety, it is a completely safe process. As this is also approved by the FDA. What matters here is that you get laser hair removal treatment from a specialist who uses only FDA-accredited laser systems to perform the treatment.

It’s Safe For Everyone

This is another common misconception among people as the laser doesn’t work the say way for every individual. The results may vary depending upon various factors like your skin type, skin color, hair thickness, hair color, etc. As far as its safety is concerned, it is always good to meet with your laser hair removal provider first so that you can understand the potential side effects depending on your particular skin type and medical history. The best way to tell if laser hair removal Toronto is safe for you or not is to know how your hair will react to laser hair removal treatment technology.

Laser Hair Removal Results in More Hair Growth

This is just not true, as far as laser hair removal is concerned. The technology focuses mainly on eliminating hair follicles. However, since laser only targets the hairs that are in the active growth stage, not all of them your hair will be removed at once. There are chances for the hair to grow back, but they are going to be very light and can be easily tackled.  So there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the results of laser hair removal Toronto. Many people have achieved 100% hair removal for a lifetime, while others experience hair regrowth, but again it deponents on various factors.

There’s No Need to Go for Multiple Sessions

To know the fact behind this myth, it is important to understand how laser hair removal works. Human hairs grow in multiple stages; Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. Laser hair removal device will only hairs that are in the Anagen growth phase, which means only 20% of hairs are targeted during the treatment session, which means you need to wait for the other hairs to fall in the category of Anagen growth phase so they can be removed. So, we can say that you would need to visit for multiple laser hair removal treatment sessions to get complete and desired results, which is not possible in a single session.

Laser Hair Removal Will Expose You To Radiation

As we already discussed, laser hair removal is approved by FDA. Which means it is a completely safe and effective treatment option. So, there is no way you will be exposed to radiation during the treatment. Of course, there is radiation involved that exists between the light barriers of the laser. The technology is designed in a way that it does not exit that space. So it is completely safe and effective for humans.

Laser Hair Removal Is Uncomfortable

If compared to other traditional hair removal methods like shaving and waxing. Laser hair removal Toronto treatment has been known to be less painful. According to those who have ever taken the treatment. It is much like the snapping of a rubber band on the skin. Of course, there are some side effects like skin irritation and redness. But these go away soon, probably within a few hours.

We hope that we have debunked almost all the myths associated with laser hair removal treatment. The best way to know it is by consulting with a specialist in the field.

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