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Is Steam Deck The Next Big Thing In Handheld Gaming?

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To all my PC gamer friends out there looking to play their favorite games with the game be happy because Valve has come up with one of the top devices that supports PC games. Steam Deck, ever since its initial release has created lots of buzzes since it first launched. There are three variants that have been made available for the console, however, the most well-known variants are Steam Deck 64 GB and 256 GB. Steam Deck 64 GB variant and the Steam Deck 256 GB variant.

According to an estimation, Valve has sold over 1 million units around the world. By the standards of gaming consoles, they are impressive numbers. Nearly 90% of gamers who played with this console have given it a score of 7 or more, which is an average of 9.5.

These are the people who have played with a variety of consoles before forming their opinions however what about the casual player? A lot of them are thinking about whether this will be the new game console by 2023, and how it compares to the games offered by the Nintendo Switch.

To give an accurate response to the question we must go through some of the things we have discussed.

  • The most important aspects that handheld gaming conceal
  • Does Steam Deck Steam Deck really the face of handheld gaming?

Let’s begin by examining the most important features of each handheld device and then comparing them to the handheld console from Valve.

Important Aspects of Handheld Gaming Deceive

Some of you may know this, but I’m somewhat of a gaming enthusiast (a tiny spiderman reference to Marvel fanatics). I’ve played PC games since it’s possible to remember. When I was younger my parents didn’t want to become too obsessed with gaming, so they didn’t buy me gaming consoles, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying games with my computer.

Now since I’m self-sufficient, can afford to buy and play all the games I’d like, but the drawback of PC games and gaming means that you aren’t able to play games traveling. It is possible to play PC games with phones that are mobile, such as the latest iPhone 14 Pro or the new Samsung S23 Ultra. I have played GTA: SA and Call of Duty (mobile version) on them, however, it’s not something many gamers would want to play. However, Valve has managed to bring the joy of the gaming experience of PC games with the ease of handheld devices, however, there are a few aspects to keep an eye on.

If you’re looking to buy an electronic gaming device for handheld use there are some points to be aware of to ensure that you purchase the top-quality device. This is the same for devices like Steam Deck. Here are a few you must be aware of

1. Look and Feel of the Device

The name says it all they are gaming gadgets that you’ll have to be holding for a long time to play. The appearance and feel of these devices should be light and ergonomic, to ensure that players don’t get excessively tired or uncomfortable when in their hands.

Fortunately, both the 64 or 256 GB models are stunning and can are able to easily played with and held. Although, from a glance, this Steam Deck looks like a large, bulky device, however, the design of the gadget is something that gamers or a normal person would be able to appreciate.

Additionally, it does not have an aluminum frame which adds to its lightness. But, you’ll need to be careful when using it, as even though the back doesn’t break as glass does, it’s susceptible to scratching.

2. Display the Quality of the Console

Today, it is impossible to enjoy the low-quality display. There are many amazing handheld consoles available with amazing specifications however when it comes to the screen, the console does not stand out.

However, both the Steam Deck 64 GB variant and the 256 GB version feature the same optically-bonded LCD display. It does not have one with an OLED panel. However, it has a 7″ display and is equipped with a 1280 x 800 resolution which is enough to play games and still enjoy the portability aspect.

Furthermore, it has a 60-Hz refresh rate, which is quite good. Some of you might be thinking, “Don’t flagship smartphones have a higher refresh rate than this?” Yes! Yes, but I’ll tell you that you don’t require any of that to enjoy games on your handheld gaming gadget. Because the majority of games are designed to run at 60Hz therefore it shouldn’t be a problem. Additionally, you can alter the speed of refresh based on the kind of game that you’re enjoying. This will extend the life that comes with your Steam Deck. This is just one of the many reasons that make it the best hand-held gaming device.

3. Storage Capacity of This Handheld Console

We all are aware that if we would like to experience any PC or console game, on whatever platform the size will be enormous. If you remember, there was the GTA 5 game that was launched in September of 2013. Steam owns the game’s size is 81GB. You aren’t going to be playing the version on Steam Deck 64 GB variant in the near future.

It’s not an issue. “Why?” you ask because both the Steam Deck 256 GB variant, as well as the 64GB version, have the option of expanding storage. So you’ll never be limited to internal storage on this device for steam games.

The internal storage needs to be restricted to software or OS-related items. I suggest investing in a 1TB SD card to ensure that you’re able to keep at least 10 games of the present at any one time.

Is the Steam Deck Really the Face of Handheld Gaming

Many of you are asking, “Is the Steam Deck really the face of the handhelds in 2023?” I’d like to answer the question of how many handhelds are you able to think of. From my head, I can think the primary one I can come up with could be Nintendo Switch, but other than that, there is a handful that comes to mind.

Valve has revolutionized the handheld market to the forefront. From what I’ve observed it’s not just the most powerful gaming handheld console available in Pakistan but it’s also the most powerful handheld gaming console in the world.

I played a few games a time ago with PSP but this handheld with steam games has established a new standard for gaming portable. The choice to purchase the console is entirely dependent on your personal preference, however, I’m sure that if you ask me I’d suggest that you go for it.

No matter which model, each one is great, and if you’re trying to find the gaming console cost in Pakistan go to Wise Market. It’s a fantastic online store that offers every kind of smart device and handheld console. They also sell brand new and used mobile phones as well as many incredible accessories. So, don’t pass up on the amazing deals that are offered through Wise Market Pakistan for gaming consoles.

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