How to Write a Job Resignation Email in 2023

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If you think the time has come to quit your job, don’t underestimate the importance of leaving gracefully. In this age of remote work, that’s often done via a job resignation email. Here we explain how to write a resignation email that will make you leave through the front door.

A job resignation is supposed to be a formal matter, but with stories of people leaving their jobs on WhatsApp, even with a string of emoji instead of text, it never hurts to learn how to write a resignation email, in addition to a more formal letter of resignation

In this blog we are going to analyze the particularities of the resignation email and how it can be used correctly to support a slightly more formal resignation letter. These are the points that we are going to discuss:

  • Why you need a resignation email
  • What should be included in the format of a resignation email?
  • Tips for Writing a Resignation Email
  • Resignation Email Example

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Why do you need a resignation email?

Today the most normal thing is no longer to deliver a physical letter to your boss or the HR department. HH., but send them the formal letter of resignation as an email attachment.

It’s perfectly acceptable to write a short email telling them just that they’ll find your resignation letter attached without giving any further details. But it can also happen that whoever reads your email doesn’t feel like clicking on the attached file immediately. Then he will go on to other things, and in the end he will end up not reading the letter.

Expert Advice

What is the difference between a resignation email and a resignation letter?  

Content-wise, your resignation email doesn’t have to be exhaustive, but it should still include the basics that we cover in this blog. 

Resignation Email Format

What to include in a resignation email format

Although the format of a resignation letter is similar to that of a cover letter and follows the same rules of the header, contact information, salutation and signature, there are three key paragraphs that are unique in the email or letter of job resignation .

First paragraph : Details of your resignation

Second paragraph : Thank you for the professional development opportunity that you have been offered

Third paragraph : Next steps and offering support if necessary

Tips for Writing a Resignation Email

Writing any text requires a good deal of thought, but also a thoughtfully crafted resignation email will help make the last few weeks on the job slightly less awkward. Here are some ideas for writing a resignation email to help ease the tension.

Mention your name and the word “resignation” in the subject line . The subject line of a job resignation email only needs to include your name and the word “resignation.” Your boss will probably forward it to other people so it will be easy to identify.

Indicate the date you leave . After you have fully informed yourself about the notice period in your company, make sure there is no ambiguity as to the date you are going to leave. It may be that they ask you to pass the period of notice of paid leave, or that they ask you to continue working for a while longer. In any case, always agree on the actual date of your departure in advance, as a matter of contractual security.

Offer assistance during your notice period . The notice period before you leave, while the company is looking for a replacement, is a crucial time. Your boss’s first reaction will be to worry about how you’re going to manage. Reassure him that you will do everything possible to ease the transition.

Put all the questions on paper . If you have any key questions you need to ask about the transition period, the resignation email is the place to ask them. In many cases you will need a formal response, so do not leave this matter for any other secondary communication. Don’t be ashamed: make sure you ask all the questions that seem important to you.

Include your contact information . Do not dissapear. From a practical point of view, including your contact details somewhere in your resignation email (usually at the end) makes a lot of sense. You never know if a colleague will need to contact you later, so it is preferable that your details are publicly available and not just somewhere within the HR system. H H.

Resignation Email Example

Any resignation email has a personal and non-transferable point, but if you want to keep it simple, the following email template can help you. Feel free to add any additional details that may be important in your particular case, although with this example you will already have the essentials covered:



Address, city, zip code  

Phone number 


Supervisor Name

Company name



Postal Code

Today’s date


With great regret, I have decided to resign from my position as [JOB TITLE] at [COMPANY NAME] in two weeks. My last day of work will be [DAY, MONTH, YEAR].

Although my work experience at [COMPANY NAME] over the past [XX] years has given me much, I wish to resign my employment for [REASON(S) FOR RESIGNATION].

Working for [COMPANY NAME] has been an honor and a pleasure. I have learned a lot and have had the opportunity to meet excellent colleagues, which I will always deeply value. 

I will be delighted to collaborate in any way I can in the training period of my substitute, if you find someone before the end date of my employment contract. Thank you very much for giving me the great opportunity to work at [COMPANY NAME].

Attached to this email is my resignation letter.



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