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Gildan – Heavy Blend Hoodie 18500

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The Gildan Heavy Blend 18500 is a dense and cozy sweatshirt with an extremely soft and comfortable interior.

The Independent Hoodie weighs 8.5 ounces, making it the largest of the four sweatshirts mentioned. The Gildan Heavy Cotton weighs 8 ounces and is a 50/50 mix of cotton and polyester. Gildan – Heavy Blend Hoodie 18500

The Gildan Heavy Cotton Blend is perfect for those cold early morning workouts where a long sleeve shirt just won’t cut it. EricEmanuelHoodie

For those chilly early-morning exercises where a long sleeve shirt just won’t do, the Gildan Heavy Cotton Blend is ideal. Gildan – Heavy Blend Hoodie 18500

Out of all these sweatshirts, the Gildan 18500 has the biggest hood in terms of the feel of the fabric.

Thus, when draped over your head on bitterly chilly days, the Gildan hoodie is ideal for keeping your head and ears toasty.EricEmanuelHoodie

I don’t mind it, but I don’t like my clothes to rest above my front denim pockets or to display my entire belt. My only gripe with the Gildan 18500 is that it’s too short for me and rides up on my waist region.

After The Wash Update.

The hoodie that most delightfully pleased me after washing was the Gildan 18500. First off, it’s plush and comfy, and it gets even softer and cozier after washing.

Despite the Gildan 18500 having the shortest length of all the sweatshirts,

I would say it’s a fantastic sweater considering the quality and cost. Gildan – Heavy Blend Hoodie 18500

I like my sweatshirts to fall an inch or two below the tops of my trouser pockets rather than being as short as the Gildan.

Although I recognize that everyone has various preferences and may not enjoy a longer sweatshirt, if this fits you, the Gildan 18500 might be the best option.

In spite of appearing to be the smallest among the other four sweatshirts, the Gildan Heavy Blend 18500 is a high-quality hoodie that is reasonably priced.

The Gildan Heavy Blend Hoodie offers over 25 color options, so it can fit any print color scheme for your company’s emblem and identity.

For sports teams, colleges, and business customers looking for a substantial yet comfortable present for staff members or for promotional and marketing use when branding, we would suggest this hoodie.

Gildan 18500 hoodie interior.

JERZEES – NuBlend  Hoodie 996MR

The Jerzees Nu Blend 996MR sweater is a reliable choice when purchasing a sweater because it falls in the center of the pack.

Out of all 4 hoodies, the midsection and arms’ lengths are the most appropriate for my medium-sized body.

This hoodie fits easily at the top of your trousers pockets, about 2 inches below the bottom.

The Jerzees NuBlend has a seamless body and set-in sleeves, allowing you to print along the side of the sweatshirt for a unique side print. It also has a high thread density, allowing for a smooth screen print.

The fit is standard American Athletic, with arms that are the right length for my Medium size.

The material feels nice to the touch, with a bit more texture on the torso than the Gildan, but on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best, I’d give the Jerzees Nublend a 7.5 on the soft scale.

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