Daratumumab?… What is it?

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Daratumumab 400 injection is a kind of antibody which produces clones of a single type that hinders the activity of certain proteins which are directly or indirectly responsible for tumor growth and multiplication.

 Monoclonal antibodies are made in the lab to destroy only target amino acids in the specific proteins which cause the rapid multiplication of cancer cells. This will consequently protect the healthy cells from the resultant damage to their normal functioning.

Daratumumab 400mg Injection is given sometimes if other medications have stopped working or if cancer cells have stopped responding to other forms of treatment.

Daratumumab is sometimes in combination with other cancer drugs such as those steroid medicines.


If there are cases of receiving an appropriate amount of blood transfusion, inform your doctors that you are taking this injection beforehand to prevent any risk of cross-reaction. Therefore, you ever had or are having hepatitis b infection, using daratumumab injection can only make this virus actively reproduce rapidly throughout the body causing more damage in the longer run. However, you are not feeling well, please inform your doctor and also in the cases when you are having right-sided upper stomach non-stop pain, loss of urge to eat, yellowing of your skin or eyes, excessive nausea or vomiting .

If you are using this daratumumab injection in combination with other medicines, follow the complete instructions of a doctor.

Before taking up this medicine your body

You should not be definitely treated with Daratumumab 400mg injection if you are having allergic reactions to it

Do tell your doctor if you ever had

  • Breathing disorder
  • Hepatitis B
  • Herpes zoster (also known commonly as shingles)

 Tell your doctor if you become pregnant or if there are chances that you want to become pregnant with these injections. If you become pregnant pregnant 3 months after your last taken dose, do take birth control pills.

Combination with other below-mentioned drugs with its aftereffects

Sometimes in combination with lenalidomide, thalidomide, pomalidomide. Both men and especially taking these combined medicines must use effective birth control pills. Even one such dose can cause a severe amount of birth or other congenital defects in a newborn baby if you are taking lenalidomide along with another type of medication. Significantly both parents must avoid taking this medicine if they want to conceive or take part in the sexual intercourse process.

When using these combined forms of other drugs, do follow all instructions carefully and with special care.

It will or may not be useful to breastfeed while taking this injection separately or in a combined form with other above-mentioned drugs. Do consult with your doctor immediately about all the possible risks associated with it

How is daratumumab properly introduced into the body?

Given by a healthcare provider by inserting it into the vein region

Then doctors will give it once every 4 weeks when the body does not respond to treatment. The healthcare professional will consequently determine how long should you be treated with this injection.

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