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Caverta, which we provide is used extensively in the treatment of Erectile dysfunction (impotence) for men. Citrate causes blood vessels to grow larger. This reduces blood pressure. Sildenafil works mainly within the penis and the lung. The Caverta 100 mg medicine improves the flow of blood to the penis. This aids in getting the penis in a position to be erect during sexual interaction and lasts for longer. Caverta 100 mg is one of the most effective and trusted anti-impotence medications that is easy and simple to swallow and is effective in enhancing sexual sensitivity in males.

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The Caverta 100 Tablet 4 is part of the class of drugs known as phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors that are primarily used to treat problems in males of adult age. Failure to keep a solid and erect penis suitable for sexual interaction is calle the cause of erectile dysfunction. The Caverta 100 Tablet 4’s can be sometimes used to treat hypertension in the lungs (high blood pressure within the lung). The Caverta 100 Tablet 4’s are not designed to be used by children, infants, or women.

When a person is sexually entice, Caverta 100 Tablet 4 reduces the penis’ blood vessels and blood flow to the penis. It in contrast can help men get an erection when they are sexually stimulate. The Caverta 100 Tablet 4 does not function as an aphrodisiac, hormone, or hormone that can cure male erectile dysfunction.

Uses of Caverta 100 MG

Caverta Tablet is a medicine that aids men suffering from Erectile dysfunction (impotency).

How to use Caverta 100 MG

Caverta 100mg is not to be taken more than once every day. Because the Vega 100 Mg dosage is greater than the amount needed to satisfy sex It is only recommende to use it only in the most extreme of situations. Instead of using the drug regularly, it should be use prior to sex. This is a prescription drug which means it can only be purchase by a licensed medical professional’s recommendation.

The medicine must be administere orally and with plenty of water. It should be take with a full stomach or at least two minutes after eating. The effects are lessened if the medication is take along with food.


Sildenafil is a drug that relaxes blood vessels, which allows more blood to flow through the penis, while your sexual stimulation is enhance.

Side consequences associated with Caverta 100MG

The effects of Caverta 100mg can vary between individuals. There are many different profiles of patients, and they could range from mild to extreme. Here are a few of the most frequently reporte adverse effects:

A nosebleed or a stuffy nose
Headache or dizziness
Sometimes, erections last all through the night and can be extremely uncomfortable.
You may experience blurred vision or lose your vision.
Hearing loss could be the result of hearing loss caused by ringing in your ears.
Blood Urine
Tingling or numbness in feet and the arms

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