What are the benefits of buying a new iPhone 14 Pro Max?

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Buying a new iPhone 14 Pro Max in Pakistan has become very tough. To get one, you must be either exceedingly wealthy or extremely fortunate; otherwise, you will be unable to obtain one. However, there is another way to experience the greatest features that the iPhone has to offer at a reasonable price. The method in issue is purchasing a secondhand iPhone.

A used iPhone 12 Pro Max or a used iPhone 11 Pro are the finest options for this. Yet, purchasing a secondhand mobile phone in Pakistan has always been a contentious issue due to the inherent hazards. That’s why I’m going through some of the advantages and disadvantages of having such iPhones today. Well, here are the subjects I’ll be discussing in this essay.

The benefits and drawbacks of owning an old iPhone Should you purchase one in 2023?

With that stated, let’s go through some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying a used Apple mobile device.

Purchasing a secondhand or refurbished mobile phone in Pakistan is not as straightforward as we may believe. Since these gadgets have previously been used and resold, confidence in the device has plummeted.

This is especially true for any secondhand Apple product. This is because purchasing a tainted gadget from an untrustworthy source not only puts you in danger of receiving malfunctioning equipment but also of losing your hard-earned money.

But, there are certain advantages to purchasing a secondhand iPhone. If you’re thinking about purchasing such a gadget, here’s everything you should know.


  • Affordability: Used iPhones are much less costly than new iPhones. As previously said, purchasing a new iPhone is not inexpensive, thus the best alternative is to get a used or refurbished Apple mobile phone.
  • High quality: It’s no surprise that all iPhones are constructed using the finest materials available on the market. As a result, many secondhand iPhones on the market are in decent shape and may give a dependable and high-quality experience.
  • Eco-friendly: E-waste has become a serious concern in our nation during the last several decades. Purchasing an old phone helps to decrease trash and is more ecologically friendly.
  • No depreciation: Unlike a new iPhone, which loses value as soon as you take it out of the box, a used iPhone has already lost the bulk of its worth. Hence, if you go out and resell the item based on its condition and the current exchange rate, you may receive a decent bargain for it.


  • Potential issues: Old iPhones may have hidden flaws or abnormalities that are not immediately apparent.
  • Outdated software: Older iPhones may be unable to execute the most recent iOS upgrades, leaving you with out-of-date software.
  • Limited warranty: Used iPhones usually do not come with a warranty, or if they do, it is just for a few days.
  • Limited availability: If you’re seeking a certain model or color, it may be more difficult to discover a used Apple mobile phone that suits your requirements.
  • Degraded battery: Depending on how far back in the iPhone series you go, you’ll find more deteriorated batteries. This is because all batteries deteriorate with time, particularly if they are regularly subjected to charge cycles.

Should Buy One in 2023

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits and drawbacks of buying a used iPhone, the next question on everyone’s mind is, should you purchase one in 2023?

“It depends,” is the response to this question. This choice may be influenced by a variety of circumstances. The first and most important consideration is the budget. Even a used iPhone may be expensive at times. Also, if you live in Pakistan, you will be unable to use the phone until it has been PTA-approved, which is an expensive process.

The physical condition of the phone is the next factor that influences the selection. Nobody wants to purchase a secondhand phone that has previously been severely damaged. In this case, a refurbished mobile phone is the greatest option since it is still in near-new physical condition.

The final thing you should evaluate is whether or not the phone is water-resistant. If your iPhone isn’t water-resistant, even a little drop of water may damage the whole circuit board. Also, the lack of a water-resistant seal indicates that the device has been previously opened, which may need the replacement of several phone components.

However, if you keep these 3 things in mind when purchasing a used mobile phone made by Apple, then you shouldn’t face any issues. The place that I found to buy a new or used mobile is Wise Market. 

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