Pvc Card Printer Price in Pakistan
Pvc Card Printer Price in Pakistan

Best Pvc Card Printer Price in Pakistan

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Pakistani PVC Card Printer

We are Best PVC card printer resellers, also known as RFID card printers or plastic card printers. We offer a PVC card printer that consistently delivers good performance, is reliable, and can print on any type of blank plastic card. These plastic card printers are simple to install and use in any workplace, including an office, a hospital, or a corporation. We provide a comprehensive range of plastic card printers from manufacturers like Smart ID, HID Fargo, and many other global leaders in the plastic card business.

Printer for PVC Cards

This direct-to PVC Card printer price in Pakistan for RFID cards can easily and comfortably create entire, edge-to-edge coloured PVC cards in one printing procedure. By printing high-quality PVC cards on-site, you will reduce waste and save money on both pre-printed cards and unused leftover cards. For PVC card printing in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, or anywhere else in Pakistan, there is no need to place an order with your printing shop.

Price of a plastic card printer in Pakistan

The application, required printing quality, and speed in particular affect the price of a plastic card printer in Pakistan. Although the pace of a single side card printer is poor and it can only print on one side of the card, it is less expensive than a dual side card printer. Although the price of a dual side card printer in Pakistan is costly, it is an excellent machine for commercial or high volume printing needs.

Paperless Card Printer

Obtain a plastic card printer for your workplace, clinic, school, or other corporate facility. Employees frequently change jobs in middle-sized or larger organisations, and new hires require PVC identity cards.

For printing pictures and graphics, use our PVC card printer. Being a retransfer printer allows you to create extremely robust, true-to-edge cards, even on irregular card surfaces like smart cards. We also offer a dual-sided RFID card printer that prints both sides simultaneously to save time. The RFID card printer from Smart ID is perfect for businesses that need to print cardholder information on both sides of the card and for high-volume ID operations.


The ZC300’s ground-breaking simplicity makes it possible to print from virtually anywhere at any time. With new ribbons that give custom colours and special effects, print single or dual-sided, edge-to-edge colour or black and white cards. Thanks to the printer class’s slimmest, fit-everywhere design, it is simple to install card printing anywhere you need. As well as making it simpler than ever to create cards, integrate card printing into your apps, and support your printers, Print DNA also provides a range of high-value solutions.


The ZC300 will assist you in printing every kind of card you require, including membership, event, credit/debit, access, and identity cards, better, faster, and more easily. If you can imagine anything, you can print it — in color, black and white, metallic, or both. With a printer at this pricing point, you can even instantly insert security markings. Create a contact or contactless card, add a magnetic stripe, or both. No matter how complicated your cards are, the ZC300 makes it simple to print them. Zebra’s Industrial Design team skillfully addressed and practically eliminated all pain points connected with card printing while designing the ZC300. Also, you can obtain secure card printing everywhere you need it thanks to a revolutionary fits-everywhere design. The ZC300 Series makes printing complicated cards simple.

Please get in touch with your Account Manager or a Zebra-certified smartcard ISV for integration help if you or your partners want to use a Zebra card printer with your smartcard encoding application.

Fargo HID HDP Printers

A firm with a solid reputation for expanding and acquiring new capabilities for plastic cards is HID Global. For printing on plastic cards, HID Fargo devices are user-friendly, dependable, and high-quality printers. We at Smart ID Pakistan, as manufacturers’ representatives, provide goods at incredibly low prices. The right printer determines the cards’ quality. You have the option to personalize this HID Fargo device. Your employment will determine this. We will assist you in selecting the ideal model and provide the best rates available in Pakistan as an authorized HID Fargo distributor in Pakistan.

Fargo HID DTC Printers

Except for the introduction of specialised equipment to the market, the card assurance procedure is quite complex from a technical standpoint. The most popular process for printing an image on a plastic card is dye sublimation printing, though there are other methods as well. The greatest dye-sublimation printers are HID Fargo DTC card printers. It is simple to use and requires less maintenance than conventional printing equipment. Thermal heating enabled the HID Fargo DTC printer to use dye-sublimation technology to transfer tape paint directly to plastics. Then, the dye’s composition directly depends on the print head’s print head’s hundreds of thermal cells’ heating temperature. Using this technique, you can obtain more than 16 million tonnes of various colors. The solution from HID Fargo DTC Printers lowers production costs while retaining great performance.

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