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Crystal Pro Max is the most recent brand to join the vaping industry, featuring small, compact, and lightweight disposable vapes containing 20mgof  nicotine salts. Versions like the Crystal Pro Max show off the high-quality disposables available at 600 puffs per bar. They have the same vibrant colours, smooth plastic shape, and convenience of use as the Elf Bar, but are there any distinctions, and what about the flavours?

 Let’s explore all of your choices.

Salient Features Of Disposable Vapes

Aroma King 8000 popular disposable vapes from the same company, yet each has distinct characteristics.

  •  Elf Bar has established a household brand for its great disposables and has expanded into helpful pod kits like the Aspire R1 and Elfa Pod Kit, while Crystal Pro Max stands out as a new and fascinating sort of vape. 
  • The disposables are shorter and simpler to conceal for people who prefer a more inconspicuous vape.
  • The Lost Mary and Elf Bars have wonderful and rich flavours, while the Lost Mary disposable vapes have longevity and smooth textures to showcase the value and overall experience. 
  • The kits’ design, colours, and forms are fantastic, and the long-lasting flavour is an excellent substitute for cigarettes owing to its nic salt concentration.

Lost Mary 3500 Overview,

The Lost Mary BM3500 Bar comes in 12 different flavours and can hold up to 3500 puffs. It includes a 2 cc liquid capacity, a built-in brand battery, and a variety of incredible flavours to select from. It is small, lightweight, and portable. Disposables are e-cigarettes ready to vape but discarded as the charge or e-liquid runs out. They do not require refilling and cannot be charged. The new-fangled devices like Crystal Pro Max also are best for convenience purposes.

Best Flavours For Lost Mary Vapes 

Red Apple Ice 

For those looking for delicious apple undertones, Lost Mary offers two flavours to choose from. There is a double apple puff bar, a more intense alternative if you have a sweet craving, but the standout must be red apple ice. This nic salt e-liquid has a delicate delicacy with a refreshing quantity of natural flavour, smelling just like apples with a pleasant cooling exhale. There are other alternatives like Crystal Pro Max for the best suitable options.

Blue Razz Cherry 

Some people love the Lost Mary blue razz cherry combo, while others say it’s an odd blend of flavours. It received mixed reviews, with some comparing it to Dr Pepper and others comparing it to cherry throat candies. Various notes produce different feelings and elicit nostalgic connections to something you’ve had before, so stick with the original or try this to change things up. There are many contemporary options regarding interesting vape flavours; you will be pleasantly surprised that Aroma King 8000 can go above and beyond.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

Lost Mary has taken a traditional flavour that many Elf Bar fans are familiar with and transformed it into elegant kits that easily fit in your pocket. Combining tropical flavours like guava, passion fruit, and kiwi was an ingenious decision that resulted in a pleasant and tasty on-the-go vape. You will extend a better taste buds treat when you have a vape like Aspire R1 that makes things worthwhile in the long run.

That truly demonstrates the level of innovation accessible with e-cigarette flavours that smoking does not allow. And it’s now even better than Elf Bar since it’s in a more compact size with a longer-lasting flavour and silky texture.

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