Flow Control Valves

Applications of Flow Control Valves in Daily Life

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Flow control valves play a vital role in our lives. They are use in your home’s pipelines and big industrial machinery. They are everywhere around us. A valve’s main purpose is to provide strong control over the fluid flow rate throughout a system. With the help of it, one can easily start, stop or throttle the flow while maintaining the safe and efficient operation of the equipment or system.

proportional solenoid valves are found in nearly all industrial processes where they are use to regulate the flow of fluid in pipes and colossal machinery.  These flow control valves serve various purposes in the industrial sector. However, choosing the right valves is the key to success. 

Below we have provided some applications of fluid control valves:

Optimizing the operations:

proportional valve solenoids optimize the operations of the pipelines. They are used in water heaters that are utilized in homes for maintaining a good temperature in the winter inside the homes. These valves help to regulate the flow and manage the pressure in the pipes and the temperature of the system so that a safe environment can be formed. In the industrial sector, large pipelines are used to transport the media from the source to the place of need. That’s why it’s necessary to use a proportional solenoid valve to ensure the regulation of the required flow and deliver accurate pressure as per the need of the system. 

Manufacturing of Food and Beverage:

The manufacturing of various food items and beverages requires the user to use each ingredient in a controlled amount. The growing challenges and safety concerns have raised the need for valve usage in manufacturing units. Basically, valves are classified into two sectors the ones that are in direct contact with the material and the others that are managing the utility services such as the flow of steam, water, etc to make the end product. 

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Processing of RAW Material:

Proportional solenoid valves are widely used in the chemical industry because they have the ability to be clean. In the chemical industry, various type of raw material is processed for creating the end product. It involves various reactions caused by pressure and heat. The fluid that is use in this industry is highly corrosive and harsh. So the solenoid-operated pinch valve that is going to be use should have the capacity to tolerate the nature of the fluid and the harsh environmental factors. 

Treating WasteWater:

Proportional solenoid valves play a vital role in the marine industry. The large ships have to generate power, treat and manage the wastewater, and HVAC. The pneumatic pinch valves that are use to treat the seawater should be durable and reliable because there are fewer resources available on the ships when they are out at sea going toward their destination. 

Final Words:

Today, all the types of raw materials or objects that are process to make the end products go through proportional solenoid valves. There is a wide range of applications, equipment, and systems that depend upon the flow control valves. They are everywhere for creating an ease for us.

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