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Five Reasons Why a Phone Case Is Necessary

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It’s an age-old (contemporary) debate: do you need a phone case?

The case-Fit response is unlikely to surprise you. Our answer to whether a Phone Case is required is a loud YES. However, a recent survey indicated that more than 20% of smartphone users disagree. They choose to go it alone and take their chances with a technology that costs them hundreds or thousands of dollars. Some smartphone owners who prefer not to wear a cover may be heard saying, “I’ll only have this device for two to three years, so why to spend money protecting it?” Or, we should be independent of our cell phones. It is neither a home nor an automobile. We do not need to spend money on protective cases.

Simply put, I do not comprehend this line of thought. Do you know how many drops, falls, fractures, damaged screens, and toilet dives may occur in two to three years? All it takes is one time. One face-down fall to the bathroom floor will break the Gorilla Glass display and leave the gadget useless. One backyard barbecue splash in the pool is all it takes for you to incur costly repairs or replacements. You don’t have to treat your smartphone like a child, but it would be fantastic if you could use it.

Are you still trying to convince me? Let’s examine five reasons why having a phone case is preferable to not having one.

1. Resale Value

Selling your old phone to offset the expense of your new one is a fantastic method to assist others while also benefiting yourself. The better condition your item is in, the more money you will be able to obtain. In some instances, a description that includes the phrase “used phone cover from day one” can encourage shoppers to dig a little further into their pockets to purchase your item.

2. Did You Purchase Insurance?

Even if you did: One, coverage is limited, and two, you may be without a smartphone for days or weeks while the other is being serviced or replaced. In conclusion, you need a phone case, especially if your phone is not insured.

3. Impact Resistance

We have all had such a day. You are aware of what I’m referring to. Those days, no matter what you do, your head seems foggy, and nothing, even your hands, functions as you would want. One episode of butterfingers is plenty to send your smartphone somersaulting to the ground. When you went to pick it up, it would be fantastic if you didn’t have to hold your breath, hoping the screen didn’t shatter into a million pieces. Today, so many cases, even transparent ones, provide dependable drop protection for your iPhone. As a barrier between your sensitive phone and the asphalt, even a little coating of shock-absorbent TPU can preserve your screen from destruction.

4. Look and Feel

We’ve all heard phone owners claim they’d prefer not to use a case because they don’t want to hide their device’s design. However, who says a phone case must accomplish this?

Suppose you have iPhone and you want to show off apple print. We have a Liquid clear case in Canada that will help you protect the phone and show off the iPhone print. Moreover, there are cases designed to provide optimum protection with little interference. Some of them improve your phone’s appearance and feel by adding silicone edges and rounded corners.

5. Accessibility

Some of the market’s finest phone covers are for less than $30. That might buy you a full-body case with a touchscreen-compatible screen protector, dual-layered TPU materials, and Polycarbonate outside coverings. In other words, the finest of the best, complete with bells and whistles, for the price of a couple of decent lattes. Let’s compare this to today’s devices. With their edge-to-edge glass panels, glass bodies, and numerous camera lenses, modern smartphones are more than telephones, as evidenced by their price tags. Why not spend now to save later?

If I haven’t convinced you yet – congrats, you’re a real naked cellphone purist. To me, though, it’s a no-brainer. Suppose you own a sophisticated smartphone in today’s environment, given that human error is inevitable. In that case, there are unquestionably more advantages than disadvantages to covering your mobile device. Ultimately, even the cheapest, most simplistic phone covers may save you time, stress, and, most importantly, money.

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